Aggregate Testing

Grain Size Analysis
• Coarse Sieve (using splits) ASTM C136
Specific Gravity ASTM C127
Bulk Density (Unit Weight) ASTM C29
Moisture Density Relationship (Proctor):
• Modified Proctor (4″ and 6″) ASTM D1557
• Standard Proctor (4″ and 6″) ASTM D698
Relative Density-Vibratory (Coarse Grained Soil) ASTM D4253/D4254
Hydraulic Conductivity
• Gravel using 9″ mold ASTM D2434
Potential Expansion of Aggregate ASTM D4792
Soundness-Magnesium Sulfate ASTM C88/ DOT GTM-21
Organic Impurities ASTM C40