Soil Testing

Classification ASTM D2488
Water Content ASTM D2216
Grain Size Analysis
• Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis ASTM D422
• Coarse Sieve (using Splits) ASTM D6913
Atterberg Limits ASTM D4318
Shrinkage Limit ASTM D427
Specific Gravity ASTM D854/C127
Bulk Density (Unit Weight) ASTM C29
Moisture Density Relationship (Proctor):
• Modified Proctor (4″ and 6″) ASTM D1557
• Standard Proctor (4″ and 6″) ASTM D698
Relative Density-Vibratory (Coarse Grained Soil) ASTM D4253/D4254
Hydraulic Conductivity/ Permeability
• Fine Grained (Intact or Reconstituted) ASTM D5084
• Coarse Grained using 4″ mold ASTM D2434
• Gravel using 9″ mold ASTM D2434
Unconfined Compression ASTM D1633
Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression ASTM D2850
Organic Content ASTM D2974
pH ASTM D4972
Soluble Salts Curr. Lit
Expansion Index ASTM 4829, UBC Std 18-2
Clay Dispersion by Pinhole ASTM D4647
CBR (California Bearing Ratio) ASTM D1883
Resistivity Survey ASTM G57